Workout Gloves: Should You Use Them?

Man holding dumbbells with workout gloves on

Wearing workout gloves seems to be a lot more important than it was a few years back. In general people have mixed feelings about wearing gloves when they hit the gym, especially after the covid pandemic. As for me? I feel a little bit better in the gym nowadays with a solid pair of gloves … Read more

10 Minute Workout To Crush The Dad Bod

strong man training biceps with dumbbells

Up and at em! We are starting to look soft here! What the hell happened? I’ll tell you what happened to me…. The Covid health scare that the world has been under for the last year has certainly made life more stressful. It has also made an ass load of excuses for dads around the … Read more

The importance of being a fit father

fit father

Remember your twenties? Many of us were in the gym kicking ass and taking names. Starting to feel like you are getting a little older? Maybe you are not in the shape you used to be in? As a father myself I can tell you that I have the same thoughts and feelings more than … Read more