5 Overlooked Foods That Build Quality Muscle

All of the best workouts in the world won’t build up muscle unless they are paired with the right foods and proper rest.

It sucks I know, however the fact is many men are willing to workout and hit the gym hard. When it’s time to eat the right muscle building foods however, they fall short.

What 5 muscle building foods should never be left out?

This is a very good question, once you know the answer and add these foods to your diet, you will start seeing more progress in the gym.

First lets go over my dream list of foods for muscle building.

French fries
Pretty much any crap that tastes good when I gorge on it..

It would be great if this was the list of foods that help. We both know it’s not……Dammit.

If we want to live a life of health and overall jackedness we need to cut out the foods that we like and focus on muscle and health building foods that offer real nutrition and results.

The Cost Of Poor Nutrition

I remember being young and going to the gym every single day. I would workout like a maniac, trying to impress every person in there like a damn fool.

I would lift hard and heavy….Really I did have great dedication.

One thing that I lacked however was the dedication to eat right and get enough rest. I had so much fire in the gym, I was dedicated to my workouts and put that above anything else.

Sounds great right? It was… but I was making one major mistake that was holding me back from my true potential.

After I left the gym I would go out and drink with my buddies, eat a massive amount of shit food and then top it off with garbage supplements. Thinking I was doing everything I could to get ripped.

When I started to triple my results

The day finally came when I realized I was not giving my body what it needs to grow and operate.

Trying to build muscle without eating the right foods is like building a race engine, then trying to run it on pump gas. It will run but the potential it has never shows through.

If you want to build quality muscle that lasts you need to eat the right food…. Period

5 Foods you should add to your diet today

Egg whites: When it comes to quick and easy, egg whites kill it. These literally come in a quart milk container. Pour it in a hot pan and eat up, mix in seasonings and whatever you like and you are done. The ways to eat these are many.

yellow painted egg with smiley emoticonn

Grab the whites of these guys

The egg white of a whole large egg packs quite a bit of muscle building protein without all the bad stuff.

-16 calories
-4 grams protein
-0 grams cholesterol

Easy to make, egg whites are one of the best foods for building muscle.

Chicken breast: This is one food that can not be overlooked when talking muscle building. One decent sized chicken breast is loaded with protein. Low fat and easy to season to taste, chicken breast is a staple of any dads nutrition plan. Chicken breast is affordable and the options for recipes are endless.

3 Ounces of boneless skinless chicken breast contains.

-128 Calories
-2.7 Grams of fat
-53 Grams of protein in a medium sized breast

raw meat on white ceramic plate
Photo by alleksana on Pexels.com

The low fat content and high protein puts chicken breast far up the list. There are really so many ways you can season and cook chicken breast. The next time you are in the supermarket grab a big package of them and cook them all on a sunday.

Now you have some quick base protein ready to go for the week.

What to mix in with all this protein?

Many people chase nothing but the protein count when looking for foods that build muscle, however the body needs much more than protein alone.

Don’t make the mistake of eating nothing but chicken and meats thinking you will gain muscle overnight.

It is true that these foods do provide muscle building protein, however just like grandma used to say. You need your vitamins too.

This brings me to….

Nuts: Nuts? Yes indeed my friend, do you know how much goodness is packed in these guys?
A good handful of nuts is packed with great nutrients for your body.

Along with protein and healthy fats, nuts contain omega-6 and omega-3, plus a number of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and vitamin E.

variety of brown nuts on brown wooden panel high angle photo
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As a matter of fact, studies have pointed out more than once that people that eat nuts live longer. Imagine that!

I recommend having a handful of mixed nuts once a day. (Just make sure you don’t have any allergy to them) and you will be giving yourself a muscle building healthy boost.

Walking off the beaten path

I am big on overall health these days. If you read my blog you get what I’m saying. We all want to build up some muscle and look great. I can keep going down the list of perfect protein foods such as ….Fish, steak, etc…

However I have a feeling you already know the obvious, protein is great but it’s not everything when it comes to overall quality muscle building.

There is muscle that is here to stay and muscle that will fade away….I believe that doing things right and providing your body with quality vitamin rich foods will pay off better in the long run.

With that said, what else can we eat that will build us up with quality material that will stay with us for years to come?

Greek yogurt: This is another versatile food that deserves to be in the ranks of this list. Although not talked about much, Greek yogurt is a game changer for a few reasons.

It supercharges your digestive system

It has less sugar and lactose

It is packed with vitamins and protein

sliced red strawberry fruit
Photo by Vlad Chețan on Pexels.com

Remember guys, we are looking to build muscle and live long enough to scare our daughter’s boyfriends. This is a food that will lower the strain on the gut and keep things moving along nice. All while providing great value towards a great dad bod.

I mix granola and blueberries in mine for a morning snack, somewhere around 10:00 I’ll eat it at work, try this….Trust me you will feel the difference, lighter, cleaner. Weird I know, prove me wrong. I bet you will agree.

Brown rice: This is one you probably did not think would be on this list.

Brown rice may not be so much a builder as it is a fuel. Let me explain, many men want to lift hard and eat half a cow thinking this is the way to build up muscle.

In essence they are correct, but what if I built you the sickest muscle car around….Big block 502 Camaro, something along those lines.

By trade I am a professional mechanic so I could acually do this. What if that car sat in your garage because you could not find the race fuel it needs to run?
You could just throw some super unleaded in right?

Yeah you could do this, however the engine would be suffering from some serious preignition and detonation. Until it just lets go.

The tuning of my race engine does not allow for a fuel that doesn’t have the octane content to avoid these issues. In short, sick car…no muscle..can’t drive it until you find that fuel.

This is much how the body works, brown rice gives you that fuel so you can workout hard with intensity when you need to. It’s not all about protein and building blocks. It’s about having the energy to run the machine as well.

Wrapping it up

These are 5 foods that I encourage you to add to your nutrition plans. Paired together with my 10 minute workout to crush the dad bod you will get everything you need to build more muscle while staying healthy.

Listen guys….At the end of the day we have a responsibility to stay healthy for our families. Enjoy life, eat and drink…However know when it’s time to cut back.

You don’t need to follow a strict diet plan to be in better shape than 95% of other dads out there. Stick with these workouts and eat with common sense, that’s it.

You can do this and enjoy life at the same time, this is what workout dad is all about. I’m working right along side you.

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