Dumbbell or barbell press: Which is better to build your chest?

Bench press……By far one of the favorite exercises around the gym.

Everyone loves to bench. It is the exercise that everyone knows and starts with. A strong defined chest is one of those sought after traits that any man can relate to.

Without a well built chest, dads lack the true “dad kicks ass body.”

Simply put…….If you want to be the buffest dad on the block you need to have a well defined chest with size that matches and compliments your build.

What’s better for bench pressing?Dumbbells or straight barbell?

This question has been tossed around gyms since the dawn of iron.

Right off the bat I want to say that I am a dumbbell guy……

They can make a two hour workout or a ten minute workout more intense, and more focused.

Nothing against the barbell……

Dads coming back to the game after years of not working out need results.

We don’t care if we can lift our truck with one arm while making the baby’s formula at 3:00AM.

Do you even lift BRO?……Coming from the young single guy at the gym…..My response …”I got two kids dude, back up.”

For us those days of “How much do you bench” are over.

We just wanna stay alive longer and look as good as we can, before we start pissing our pants again.

How do dumbbells give you a better looking chest in less time?

Dumbbells allow you to get a full stretch of the pecs on the lower end of the movement. This is critical to build a quality chest.

There is nothing worse that having a “bunched up” chest that has nothing to show but size.

Along with stretching out the pecs and keeping them in proportion as they are growing………… Dumbbells make you do one key thing… Control the weight.

Now this may sound dumb but here me out….When you do dumbbell presses you are forced to keep each arm separately balanced and even with the other.

In short, dumbbells build up the supporting and underlying muscles that connect the pecs to the shoulders and neck.

Developing muscular control is the name of the game here, dumbbells make that happen.

It doesn’t matter if you build up massive pecs that look like crap.

Definition and size comes when you can control the weight and focus on the movement.

Dumbbells make you focus more on the control and balance of the movement, much more than a barbell.

The barbell is critical when trying to build major power….There is no doubt.

There is also a reason many guys can bench 300 pounds with a barbell, however give them two 150 pound dumbbells and that may change things.

Wrapping it up

There is a definite and important place for the barbell, however for the busy dad looking to build muscle and look good this summer, dumbbells will check both boxes faster.

I’m not saying the straight bar is worthless, use both.

Your main chest day workout should consist of more dumbbell movements with some straight bench press to wrap up.

Try it out and let me know if you want the chest workout that will get it done for the summer in the comments.

Keep pushing, keep learning, keep workin out dads!

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