How To Build A Home Gym On A budget

Let’s face it, when you’re a dad getting to the gym can be quite the challenge. Almost like impressing your mother in law, it takes a miracle to find time to yourself. Let’s learn how to build a home gym on a budget, all for less than 5 hundo!

No excuses….

I’m here to tell you, It’s possible to build the body you want at home for much less than you think.

For less than $500.00 bucks you can be the hulk of the house……. And maybe even impress your mother in law……..

Where Do We Start?

So you have $500.00 bucks burning a hole in your pocket…..Maybe It’s time to get that little home gym set up. For the money this is the best investment you can make for yourself.

Instead of buying more gamestop stock…..(please tell me you did not) Let’s invest in a sure thing…..Ourselves.

What Do We Need To Get It Done ?

“This article does contain affiliate links. (I’m an honest guy what can I say.) The stuff I recommend I own or know much about. It does not affect the price for you in anyway. If I can make it cheaper I will, that’s it. Purchasing through my links helps support workout dad so I can keep delivering content for all you great dads!”

1. Dumbbell Set

First things first fellow wannabe meathead dads…. We need some things to pick up and put down so we can start training and building some muscle.

I’m not going to sit here and push the 1,000 dollar adjustable dumbbell set that makes coffee at the same time and changes the babies diaper on automatic.

Are these sets nice….Absolutely, if you have the coin.

This Set Checks All The Boxes

Sure if you have the money I would grab a set of adjustable dumbbells with the stand in a second. If this is your bag and budget check out the Bowflex Selectech 552.

This is by far one of the best sets available. It is also over a grand.

We Are On A Budget In This Article

Let’s get one thing straight here guys, we need some weights. I don’t care if they are $1000 bucks or two concrete buckets in the backyard.

You don’t need to go nuts here, for now all you need is two 15 pounders, two 20’s and two 25’s.

Don’t feel like you need 1,000 pounds of weight stacked up in the basement Arnold.

One Big Misconception

People have the tendancy to think you need huge weight to get into shape. You do not …..Trust me.

If you are working out with intensity, like I explain in my 10 minute workout article plus moving fast with good form…..You don’t need huge weight to get in great shape.

In reality weight is weight, decent quality dumbbells will get it done, as long as they are not made like complete crap.

The set I recommend for this is quite a decent deal for the money.

You can check it out on Amazon now and save a few bucks. For about $280 bucks you are covered for dumbbells.

2. Resistance Bands

These are going to fill in the spots where the dumbbells are to light or too heavy.

These bands allow you to perform a crazy amount of workouts in a very small package.

  • Rows
  • Curls
  • Shoulder raises
  • Tricep extensions
  • Much Much more

Make sure to find a good set with decent handles.

Also, get the set that comes with a door anchor, this is key for back exercises.

By the way, be careful with these….. One slip can be a slap in the face worse than the one your last crazy girlfriend in college gave you.

light landscape fashion man
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I found you guys a great set of resistance bands that check all the boxes.

Grab these for under $30.00 bucks on Amazon. Plus get an extra 15% with a coupon.

3. The Bench

You need a bench for some if these movements. Keep in mind that we are on a budget here.

The best bench for under $50.00 bucks I have been able to find is hands down the Marcy Flat Utility bench.

Really not much to say here, boasting a 600 lb capacity and made by one of the best names in workout equipment this one is a no brainer.

Plus if you are lifting more than 600 pounds, dude you are probably on the wrong blog……

4. The Perfect Multi Gym

If there is one thing that you can buy in this article to get your home gym started this is it.

I have this and I absolutely love it.

  • Pull ups
  • Sit ups
  • Tricep dips

This tool allows you to get it done. Pull ups are critical to getting in shape…. this will allow you to do them at home.

One thing to note…

When I got this and put it all together I had plans to use it in my laundry room doorway…….

The problem is my laundry room door I installed is a 36″ door……Pretty slick huh? Yup I can move in washers and dryers with ease!

The Perfect Multi Gym only works in doors 27″ to 33″ just so you know…Just wanted to get that out there.

It’s solid, it works, I love it….

I highly recommend checking this out…For the price of around $42 bucks you can’t go wrong.

Let’s check out the numbers so far..

  • Dumbbells = $280
  • Resistance bands = $30 bucks
  • Weight bench= $50
  • Perfect multigym= $42
  • Grandtotal (not exact but close) = $402.00

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Wrapping up

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I hope this article gave you what you need to start building your oasis of ripped in the basement.

All the products here will set you up to get started on the path to fitness the right way. The newsletter is how we are gonna learn more about using the stuff.

Whether you choose to follow my advice or not I strongly encourage you to start……Take the real steps you need to take.

Get in better shape, live a happier and healthier life for your kids.

I truly thank you for reading….Heads up….Your mother in law is coming………..

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