How To Build Bicep Muscle The Right Way

Summer is on it’s way and it is indeed time to get your guns looking right for the days ahead.

If you have smaller pipes than Spongebob have no fear, I’m here to tell you how to get the biceps you had when you were twenty.

Where to start?

So do you want em or not? Time to stop the 12oz curls and start getting arms that your wife will love.

Get in shape and build some arms this year! This article will set up the mindset and strategy needed to build your arms quickly and without injury.

Soon I will be posting the workout that will get you there so stay tuned!

What are we going to cover in this article?

  • What biceps need (and don’t need) to grow.
  • Avoiding injury
  • How other muscles play an important role in the overall look of your arms.
a dad building his biceps with barbell curls
With some effort and consistency you can build great arms!

What do your biceps need?

Before we start heaving dumbbells at each other let’s take a minute to talk about how your biceps respond to different workouts.


I see it all the time in the gym, the guy that should be curling 20 pound dumbbells cleanly.

person taking dumbbells from a rack
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Instead he has 50’s………..Rocking and waving around trying with every piece of himself to control the weight.

Oh they are getting up there alright, with a ton of help from his shoulders, back, knees, ass, grandma, mom, and girlfriend.

If you do this please stop…..Seriously Stop…

The theory that heavy weight and low reps builds mass may be true in some cases but the arms are not one of them.

Biceps need one thing to grow…….

Volume and Intensity

Being a relatively small muscle group the biceps do not need a ton of weight to grow.

Far too many times I see guys on their arm day doing a far too heavy set of curls and then standing around for 5 minutes before the next set.

Too much rest and not enough intensity is what causes many people to miss out on gains they could have had.

blue and red superman print tank top shirt
This guy is not checking his facebook every 2 minutes in the gym!

Don’t get me wrong here……If you have true power and can handle the heavy weight you are grabbing with perfect form, fast movements, and 15 rep sets with less than 30 seconds of rest in between…..It’s time to get to the chopper my friend cause you are one big strong bastard!

The average guy however does not need massive weight to get big arms….He needs to use moderate to light weights.

The secret to building bicep muscle?

Intense quick controlled curling movements, lots of sets, moderate to light weight…..And perfect form.

What you will begin to realize when you work arms like this is you get a massive pump and it burns like hell. This my friend is what you want in those arms.

This is the signal for growth….. This is what your arms need.

Avoiding injury

I’m gonna let you in on a story of mine… I have torn both of my lower bicep tendons.

Yup that’s right not one arm, BOTH.

Two surgeries and one cadaver piece in the right arm. I am one dumb bastard sometimes. The second time I went to the doc he flat out told me I’m an idiot.

This is the result of not warming up and lifting way too heavy.

Back in the day that was the normal but as dads we now have responsibility much greater than before.

We simply can not get hurt like this without facing serious issues. Missed work was the short term result. Long term issues with numbness and weakness is what I have from these injuries now.

Im not whining, I’m just being real with you.

Don’t over do it.

It is my responsibility to my readers to give the straight facts. The fact is we need to warm up and avoid overloading our biceps to the point of failure.

Getting nice arms requires more than just building bicep muscle.

Many people forget that there is much more to the arms than just biceps. Everyone wants those twin peaks tearing through their T- shirt like Popeye after downing some pre-workout……I mean spinach.

Most of us are past the point of just trying to get jacked in any form possible. Not working on your overall quality is not a good idea for the aging dad.

Bad enough most of our tattoos are gonna look like crap in a few years, we need to make sure the whole package is up to date here dads….

Be sure to work on forearms, studies have shown that women are very attracted to a man with strong forearms.

…..Pretend sexy man tip: Roll up those sleeves a little and build up your forearms, women love them.

The tricep is almost 2/3 of the overall size of the arm, make sure to have a plan to look at your paticular weak spots and do extra work on them. I will have plenty more on this in upcoming articles.

This article is obviously geared towards bicep development, however don’t focus only on the bicep muscle.

When thinking about how you want your arms to look, build out your arms so they are in proportion and looking good all around.

Wrapping up

I encourage you to ask any questions in the comments or just e mail me at This blog is for you and I want you to get what you want from it.

We have touched on some major key points when it comes to building bicep muscle. Realize that you need intensity and moderate to light weight.

Leave the ridiculous notion that you should be doing 5 reps at 90 percent of your max weight to build muscle. Maybe it does but you will end up injured at some point.

The real key is having very little rest in between sets and moving quickly.

I will be posting a full arm routine soon that will show you how to build up arms that will not only have size, but power as well; all while looking awesome. Without injury…..

Stay tuned and thank you for reading!

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