How To Lose Fat Fast: Start Dropping Pounds Today

Wow…..The day you look down in the shower and realize two things…….You are getting older, and your belly is covering…….well you know. It’s time to lose fat fast…. or dread removing your shirt this summer.

Good news, there is a way to get it done and in this article I’m going to tell you one trick that has always worked for me.

Dump out your beer and read up.

Nevermind, finish the beer…you may need face some facts here.

Let’s get started.

How to lose fat fast.

It’s pretty common knowledge that the food we ingest is turned into energy.

Stop eating for while and your body will feel like a car running on fumes about to stall.

When the amount of calories you take in is more than the ones burned in the old gut furnace, the end result is weight gain. The calories come mainly from carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates Power Us.

Carbs come in two groups….

  • Whole carbs
  • Refined carbs

Whole Carbs

Whole carbs are the carbohydrates that are found in nature, untouched and natural. These are the ones you will be better off eating.

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Meet Nature’s Over Achievers

  • Whole Fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Potatoes
  • Veggies
  • Beans

These Whole Foods Burn Slow.

Providing long term energy, this is the stuff that grandma wants you to eat. These are the top foods that power your success. When eaten at the right time during the day, your fat loss will accelerate.

It’s like a slow burning wood stove, just churning out heat for hours while slowly glowing hot.

Refined Carbs

Now let’s look at the bad kids on the block, These are the bad friend that is cool to hang out with; but may get you into some trouble.

These are carbohydrates that are “refined.” These are the carbs that have been stripped down of all there good nature given qualities.

Bad Carbs…..Bad!

  • White bread
  • Cookies
  • Sugar
  • Everything that tastes good……Dammit

Why can’t it be the other way around? How cool would it be if your doctor told you that you need to start drinking more beer and eating more cookies everyday?

funny picture of a man happy to lose fat fast

Sorry, not the case here. These are fast burning carbs that spike your blood sugar fast.

The problem is it also drops your blood sugar very fast after the ride, making you feel like a pile of old meatloaf sooner than later.

The secret to losing that gut?………

Stop eating carbohydrates after 1:00pm

By this I mean the heavy carbs…. breads etc..

This is the way to lose and keep off those extra pounds that follow you around like a 5 year old.

Start out your morning with good wholesome carbohydrates and some protein.

Keep an eye on the clock however….Once that sucker hits 1:00 pm it’s time to put all carbs away for the day.

I will starve!

This may be the very thing you are screaming at me right through the screen but hear me out.

If you implement this strategy….you will lose fat.

Start slow and add some quick routines like my 10 Minute routine to crush the dad bod and you will see results.

This is not a starvation tactic so how the hell will it work?

Eating the right carbs at the right time

Remember when you could eat an entire pizza to the face yourself ?

I miss those days…

The reality is dads, we can’t really do that anymore….I mean we could.

Maybe just one more? ……NO! I gotta snap out of it!

We are too old to be doing this to our bodies, if we want to lose fat and build muscle we need to eat quality carbs before the cutoff point of 1:00pm.

Why it works.

When you eat whole foods and get those slow burning carbohydrates into your body, the result is energy throughout the day.

Your body is that slow burning really hot fire, you avoid the tired crash midday and you will feel great.

Once you hit the 1:00pm mark you cut out all carbs for the rest of the day and just eat protein and veggies.

I do understand that there are people that will have some trouble doing this and that’s fine. If you get hangry as hell without all those carbs just make an effort and ease into this.

If you can’t completely stop at least cut way back. After a few days it will get easier and you will find that you have more energy than ever.

Those quality carbs will release slow, powering you through the day.

However, your overall daily carbohydrate intake will drop. This in turn equals weight loss this includes fat.

Wrapping it up

There really is no big secret to lose fat fast. It takes focus and discipline to change your diet and relationship with foods.

Make sure you are in good health and always listen to your body when taking on something like this.

Eating the right carbs and cutting them out at the right time is how it’s done.

The final words

  • Dump the crap refined carbs
  • Start on my quick 10 minute workout plan ( if you are a complete beginner)
  • Eat quality carbs up until around 1:00 pm then cut all carbs out for the day
  • Watch that fat melt
  • Repeat
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You can do this ! Find your why and get after it today!

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