The importance of being a fit father

Remember your twenties? Many of us were in the gym kicking ass and taking names.

Starting to feel like you are getting a little older?

Maybe you are not in the shape you used to be in?

As a father myself I can tell you that I have the same thoughts and feelings more than a few times a day.

What happened??

  • Kids
  • Work
  • House
  • Stress
  • Beer
  • Food
  • No sleep
  • Did I mention kids?

That’s what happened……..

Having kids is the best thing I have ever done by far. There is nothing better…..but damn one day you look at yourself and say, I’m getting out of shape! I look like #$&%!

Having kids is not easy…..What is easy?

Forgetting how important it is to stay fit as a dad.

Life was easy in my twenties, going to the gym was something we just did.

Bet you can relate……

Nowhere near the stress of where we are today.

Life happens…

Somewhere along the way we meet our spouse and start a family.

Things slow down in the gym department BIG TIME…at least for me.

Hey listen, you are reading this …….Admit it.

What I want to get across in this article is the importance of not forgetting yourself in the mix.

Being fit in your twenties is easy…….Fit as a dad…..A bit more difficult.

Here is my list of reasons it’s so important to be a fit father.

Regardless of where you are on your fitness journey I want to motivate and inspire you. You need to know you should be a fit man again!

1.You need to keep up

Kids get bigger, you didn’t forget that these little ones are going to grow right?

Kids will run circles around your ass if you are panting around like a polar bear in the desert. Aim to outrun them for as long as you can!

2. You need to stay alive

Yeah, kids need their dad……You need to stay alive for more than a bit to see them through and protect them.

If you are out of shape and overweight there is a much higher chance of dying from something that could have been avoided.


3. You are their protection

Hey listen, no one wants to talk about it but there are some crazy people out there, things happen.

robber a fit dad may need to fight off

If you are in the unfortunate event of a situation where someone tries to hurt your family you need to handle it.

Being in shape gives you a much better chance of beating the crap out of someone hell bent on hurting the ones you love.

4. Setting the example

You are dad……..Let that rattle around the man cave in your skull for a minute……..

Your kids want nothing more than to be like you, they look up to you.

kids looking up to their father

The examples you set shine through to them. Projecting health and strength is important for them.

5. Less pain

The stresses of being a father and overall big boy is not easy all the time. When you are out of shape to boot it’s easier to get hurt.

hurt lower back from being an out of shape dad

Any dad can tell you the workout your lower back is gonna get when you start loading and carrying around you precious cargo known as children.

Being fit makes injury much easier to avoid.

6. Less guilt

Let’s face it here…… If you are reading this you are probably the average dad that has a ton on his plate, mortgage, wife, kids, dog, cat, headache, power tool addiction…..etc.

man that feels guilty

Your like me. I know I’m not going to be the next Mr. Hot dad bod in next month’s calender series.

I wanna have a beer here and there and eat what I want, not all the time but sometimes.

I want to enjoy.

You wanna know a secret??? Of course you do, who would say no at this point of the article?

When you are in decent and a little above average shape you don’t feel nearly as guilty when you have a Saturday night that consists of a six pack and pizza.

Everything in moderation of course….

7. Stress control

You need to workout to be fit…. I know big news.

Stress needs an outlet, working out daily is one of the best ways to release the kracken inside of your head.

the kracken
Me after a long day at work……How the hell did this get here?

A fit dad is a less stressed dad.

Working out not only makes you the fittest dad on the block, it also gives you a place to go in your mind so you can reflect and unwind.

8. Keeps your significant other happy

Ahh the love of your life, remember when you met? They do to, they also remember what you used to look like.

husband and wife

If you take your shirt off and look like you haven’t touched a workout in the last 100 years, chances are you can score some points if you get a little more fit and chiseled up for them.

9. Gain respect

Whether it’s your daughter’s new idiot boyfriend or your neighbor, when you have a little more than average in the fitness department you tend to gain a little more respect.

fit father
Go ahead, pick a fight with him

I mean let’s be honest here, people don’t mess with a man that is in shape for the most part.

It is what it is.

10. Overall feeling of well being

When you work out and are the father that is in shape you feel great. Life is easier.

man feeling good

Being healthy is a choice that takes work and discipline. When you follow a workout routine, eat somewhat healthy and stick with it.

You look good, feel good, think good.

Wrapping it up

The importance of being a fit father comes down to one thing…..a better life for you and the ones you love.

We had some fun with this article and I truly hope you enjoyed it.

If you are a busy dad like me you need to stay in shape for your wife, kids, and yourself.

However we are not trying to be pro fitness models.

At least most of us….

That is why I created is for dads and men that want to change their lives and get in better shape…..without the insane gimmicks and hell bent programs built and designed by people that have no clue what it’s like to raise kids, work full time, and try to workout at the same time.

I wanna be real with you.

You need to commit, you need to put in the work if you want to see results.

However the BS of “lose 100 pounds in the next five minutes!” is crap.

I’m a dad, I work too much like you probably do.

I’m not trying to sell you a pile of shit with a ripped guy on the cover.

You deserve reality, the reality is I’m a dad that is busy just like you. And I will be working out right along with you.

This is reality and motivation for you and me, we are dads that are pushing forward, no matter what. Let’s get it done…..

What do I know?

The one thing I can tell you is I know a thing or two about getting fit and in shape.

Follow my blog and stick to the workouts and you will see improvement.

Have a beer when you want and be happy.

Put in the work and enjoy life, remember everything in moderation.

The facts are simple….. What you put in is what you will get out.

If you put in the work and follow my articles you will get into shape.

I’m gonna be sweating my overworked dad ass off right next to you.

Let get it done……

Thanks for reading the first article on

Much more to come, it’s real.

It’s not always easy.

It’s what we both need…..

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