The Power Of Pushups: How 20 Pushups A Day can Change Your Life

What if I told you there is one simple thing you could do everyday that will make you mentally and physically stronger…..Guaranteed.

I’m guessing you would say……”What is it, I’ll do it!”

One word sunshine……Pushups.

man in gray tank top and blue shorts doing pushups
Gimmie Twenty!

Make it a point to do pushups everyday no matter what. Start with a number you can handle and just do it.

I know……easier said than done right?

Many times in life the simple things that can really make a difference are the hardest.

Think about it for a second though…….You can do this!

It comes down to really committing to get into better shape. Then wanting it bad enough to do whatever it takes to get there.

Then just doing it.

I have a great little challenge for you. If you see it through you will look and feel better……..I promise.

Drum roll please……


Do 20 Pushups before bed every night.

That’s it?


Yup that’s it.

We are busy and preoccupied most of the time as busy dads. The way we are going to start any new habit is by slowly fooling ourselves into doing it.

Start with 20 pushups a night for a week, depending on where you are on your fitness journey this may be super easy or super hard.

I don’t care…… it.

Where is this going?…..Seriously Shark Tank is on.

Here’s the deal, you may laugh and say that anyone can do pushups……What kind of a workout is that? sucks!

I do have one question however….

Can you do it every single night without hesitation?

I bet there will be nights that you really do not feel like doing those stupid pushups.

Something so quick and simple seems easy, however after a while the excuses come rolling in…..

  • I’m beat, tomorrow I’ll do 10 pushups instead.
  • My chest hurts from last nights.
  • The car is dirty.
  • What a waste of time.
  • A-Team re runs are on…. I’ll do em’ later.

The first step to being fit is not working out the right way, it’s showing up everyday.

That’s where I’m heading with this article guys, showing up no matter what for the day’s workout is how you are going to change your life for the better.

Think about it….If you can’t give me 20 every night, everyday, every week how are you going to really commit to the real deal?

The benefits of this are many, including getting fit, disciplined, and overall better looking.

Kind of like signing up for the Workout Dad newsletter…..

(Insert shameless plug here)


On a more serious note.

You guys know I like to have some fun and some laughs here at Workout Dad, however one thing is certain…

I’m dead serious about helping you achieve your fitness goals, whatever they may be.

Committing to being a fit father is the first major step towards a better you.

Doing these pushups and holding yourself accountable to making sure they get done will change your life and build the discipline needed to crush the rest of your goals.

For the rest of your life.

Thank you for reading, I appreciate your time…….But I gotta go….Got some pushups to do.

Don’t wanna look like crap in pick up line tomorrow.

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