Workout Gloves: Should You Use Them?

Wearing workout gloves seems to be a lot more important than it was a few years back. In general people have mixed feelings about wearing gloves when they hit the gym, especially after the covid pandemic.

As for me? I feel a little bit better in the gym nowadays with a solid pair of gloves that keep my hands off the yuck.

If you are just starting out and following my plan to build a home gym on a budget, or if you are going to the public gyms; you can benefit from getting a good hold of the bar so to speak.

The benefits of wearing workout gloves in the gym?

Well for starters gloves help keep a good positive grip on the bar or handle you are using. The dreaded barbell to the face trick is a real thing.

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The last thing we need as dads is to call out of work because we dropped a dumbbell on our face. Plus the wife will never let you live it down.

To be serious, a heavy weight slipping out of your hand can cause serious injury. Gloves help you keep a better grip on things when you need to focus on some heavy lifting.

Anything that can help avoid injury is good in my book.

Some men love them and some men hate them.

I’m kind of on a middle ground to be honest…..I like wearing gloves mainly just on days where I plan on going a little heavier.

What are the things to look for in Good Workout Gloves?

Sounds pretty obvious but I recommend finding a pair that is made well enough to withstand the beating you are going to put on them.

One thing I would avoid is super thick cushion on the palms.

I don’t like gloves that are too thick on the palms , and you shouldn’t either. The reason for this is two fold. We are working out dads, do not lose sight of the fact that your body needs to be worked and stressed to adapt and grow.

Many people lose sight of this, they end up buying and using too much “make it easier” stuff to try and lessen the impact on the body.

This is all and well if it avoids real injury, however if it just makes your smooth little palms look like the baby’s ass….

You need to suck it up and ditch the feeling that you need a lot of comfort when you are working out.

Notice how the palms are protected but not overly padded on these Harbinger gloves

Why You Need To Avoid Too Much Padding

Think about this for a second…..Your hands have muscles just like the rest of you. They need to be worked just as much. You need to toughen your palms up to evolve with your body as you become stronger.

Work your hands. build a strong grip so you don’t look like this guy….

There is nothing worse than a guy that has another 5 reps in him but needs to stop because his hands hurt.

Avoid Too Much Comfort

Whoa…An article about workout gloves and the guy is saying stop making your hands feel better in the gym?

Yeah, I’m not here to BS you….I’m gonna tell it like it is. Gloves are great, but DO NOT overuse them!

There Is A Time And Place To Wear Gloves

Simply put, workout gloves should be worn when the day’s workout is going to be heavy to build up mass.

Pretty sure he has a strong grip…

Other than that you should be building up your natural grip and toughness on those hands.

What To Look Out For….

Ok so now that we got the “don’t be a wimp” out of the way let’s keep going…

A great pair of workout gloves should have a good wrist strap to support and keep the wrists aligned during heavy movements.

Bench press, dead lifts, rows. These are all examples of exercises that gloves will help you with.

There is no mistaking the value of wrist support. Like I always say…It’s not always a heavy day, but when it is you need support.

The workout gloves I recommend

The gloves I recommend, made by Harbinger

You can see in the above picture how these gloves have a nice tight wrap around the wrist. This in my opinion is a must.

You might as well steal your mother in law’s gardening gloves if the gloves you bench press heavy in have no wrist support.

Half Finger Or Full Finger Gloves?

This is another question you should ask when picking your next pair of gloves for the gym.

The Harbinger gloves that I use and recommend have half fingers. I like this because as crazy as it sounds they are cooler on the hands. You don’t feel like you have gloves on, plus you can easily check your phone and attach cable clips etc.

That is why my top choice for gloves for the gym is hands down the Harbingers pictured above.

One thing I like about these as well is these gloves come with a 90 day guarantee.

Wrapping It Up…

Gloves serve a purpose in the gym. Whether you wear them to keep your hands cleaner, or you want to lift heavy some days.

There are plenty of options out there. Take your time and find a pair that helps you. That’s the point of these articles on workout dad. Helping you get back into shape!

Love them or hate them workout gloves serve a purpose. I hope this article sheds some light on some things to look out for when buying your next pair.

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